A kick in the nuts is not a joke

17. august letur ungi havnarmaðurin Jóhan Martin Christiansen upp framsýning í Galleri Henningsen í Fredriciagade í Keypmannahavn, har Mikkel Carl er kurator. Heitið á framsýningi er Crazy, Zig-Zag ~ About the Understanding of Space and on the Matters of My Latest Lover, R

Í innbjóðingini til framsýningina stendur soleiðis at lesa:
A kick in the nuts is not a joke.

The shoreline moves back and forth. Almost zigzagging. If you look upon it as form and material, the beach represents geometry and the sea melancholy.

Or is it the other way around?

Melancholy is a trace left by a previous intensity. It therefore has a certain predictability to it, a built-in expectation of itself, while geometry seems somewhat different, shy and unknown. It develops within a closed circuit.

If geometry and melancholy constitute a single structure – horizontal and vertical lines describing a plane – the problem is to find a measure for this structure.

If it is an organ, it's an organ without a body.

By such structure both melancholy and geometry may be present as a non-functional, yet operational plane, wrapped around itself to form an organ.

That it acts as an organ with the inherent ability to alter – the organ is suddenly reorganized – should be regarded as necessary for the structure to actually become present.

When melancholy and geometry are considered this way, there is some prospect for physical transformation to happen. Change as a result of abstraction purely for the sake of abstraction.

Grabbing life by the balls is the future point by which I try to navigate.

Jóhan Martin Christiansen
Í 2009 tók eg nakrar myndir av Jóhan Martini, tá hann arbeiddi við framsýningini Koloni Box í Müllers Pakkhúsi í sambandi við at Havnin fylti hundrað sum fólkavald kommuna. Tríggjar av myndunum síggjast niðanfyri.

Tað er Andreas Henningsen, niðanfyri, sum er úr Vedbæk, ið rekur gallaríið Henningsen, sum hann lat upp í 2009.