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Hunters-art too controversial for the UK

Spiked-online 29. august 2001: “Hunters of the North” is the modest title of an exhibition galleries and museums in Scotland are afraid of allowing onto their premises. “The word “hunter” is obviously taboo in the UK, says Birgir Kruse, the co-ordinator of the exhibition. “In Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen we were told that the exhibition was too controversial. Some places would consider showing it, but that was under certain conditions: “Change the title so that the word “hunters” is left out, and leave out the artwork showing pilot whaling, says Birgir Kruse. The co-ordinator took this message back to his board but they stood firm and would not change the title. “The reason being that the title in their view expresses their communities fundamental right to a sustainable hunt”, says Kruse. “Hunters of the North” was initiated by the West Nordic Council and produced by The Nordic House in The Faroe Islands in co-operation with The Nordic House in Iceland and the Nordic Institute in Gr