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Promoting cultural links across the North Atlantic

Røða, Hetland oktober 2003: Convener, ministers, distinguished guests. Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in this conference - and most of all thank you for the clear political signal and manifestation also to include culture in your work and your conference. Surely, a worthy cause. Thank you for that. We all carry with us our own personal belongings. My personal background is teaching and journalism. Two fields in the service sector that more than any other occupation are based on the fact to work on behalf of others. Always to work on behalf of others. The Indian film director Sanjiyt Ray, who was a brilliant director of children films, he said on one occasion that "It's a rare gift to be able to feel with the heart of a child, while creating with the mind of an adult". In other words to be able to work on behalf of others - the teacher on behalf of the parents and their children, the journalist on behalf of the reader, and always to work on